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Renaissance Woman

Italian born, half black Brazilian, Swiss raised Venus Leone is a polyglot Actress, Model, Recording Artist, Music Producer and Choreographer. As a musical artist she has worked with living legends such as Reggie Calloway from Midnight and George Clinton from the Funkadelics. Making her debut as a stage performer through classical ballet, Venus has been a chameleon in front and even behind the scenes since she was four years old. Inspired by actors like John Malkovich and Charlize Theron, she enjoys to slip in different roles, from antagonists to damsels in distress, the male voice of the Joker, to even inventing a language for an Alien from a different solar system. The creativity of Venus Leone has no limits.

Recent roles


Lead Actress in Most Wanted (sci-fi) directed by Dallas King

Lead Choreographer in Soñar with Bobbie Dean, directed by Dale Stelly

Lead Voice in Hall Of Slaves (stopmotion) created by Savannah Steiner

Supporting Actress in Crossed the Line with Ice-T and La'Myia Good


Fluent in English, German, Italian, French, Swiss-German, Portuguese, Spanish.

Classically trained samba, latin and jazzfunk dancer / choreographer. 

Grammy Producer, Sound Engineer, BMI Songwriter, Singer, Rapper.

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