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Professional ​

Fluent in seven languages.
Graduated in Business and Economics in Switzerland as well as valedictorian in Sound Engineering at the Los Angeles Film & Recording School.
Excellent skills using both Mac OS and all Microsoft Office Works software.
ProTools certified, Logic Pro user, Neve and SSL consoles proficient.
IT User Certified.










Live Sound

Client                                      Event                                                                                                                      Position

Dr. MD Zahra Tabassian         Dance To The Music Of Your Soul                                                   Live Sound Technician

Women In Media                    Holliday Luncheons                                                                          Live Sound Technician

Women’s Mosque of LA         Service                                                                                  Sound Mixer, Boom Operator

The Village                             Live and Streaming Event                                                     Assistant FoH Sound Engineer

One Church LA                       Service                                                                          Volunteer Sound & Media Ministry

Film and TV Production

Project                                    Director                                                                                                                  Position

Who is Johnny Lange             Anonymous                                                                Sound Designer, Re-recording Mixer

Make A Wish                          Dinh Thai                                                                   Sound Designer, Re-recording Mixer

Frames                                    Nicole J. Collins                                                          Sound Designer, Re-recording Mixer

CBD Millionaire (audiobook)  Melissa Balin                                                           Recording and Mixing Sound Engineer

Jacks                                       Chloe Mondesir                                                                            ADR Recording Engineer

The Numbers Game                Toy Ley                                                                                Sound Mixer, Boom Operator

Diversity Series                       Rosser Goodman, Kelly Perin                                                Sound Mixer, Boom Operator

United                                    William Colvin                                                                      Sound Mixer, Boom Operator

Dog Training                          William Colvin                                                                      Sound Mixer, Boom Operator

William Colvin Reel                William Colvin, Sarah Doyle                                                  Sound Mixer Boom Operator

Retrograde                              Millie Rose Haywood                                                            Sound Mixer, Boom Operator

Living In The Rectangle          Shiran Wang               Sound Mixer, Boom Operator / Sound Designer, Rerecording Mixer

In Transit                                Julia Camara                                     Post Sound Editor, Sound Design, Re-recording Mixer

Retrograde                              Millie Rose Heywood                                                            Sound Mixer, Boom Operator

Spotify: Best Advice               Jane Morledge                                                                       Sound Mixer, Boom Operator

Cinefemme - Ask Us How       Jenna Payne                                                                          Sound Mixer, Boom Operator

I Am A Woman                      Holli Rae                                                      Sound Mixer, Boom Operatorm Dialog Editor

Grey Streets                            David Casucci                                                                        Sound Mixer, Boom Operator

Hazing                                    Myri Houli / Brandon Doo                                                    Sound Mixer, Boom Operator

The Guitar                              Michael Boston                                                                      Sound Mixer, Boom Operator

Amor Secreto (Soap Opera)     Voxx Studios, Glendale CA                       Recording Engineer, QC & Session Prep for Mix

Hall of Slaves (Stop Motion)   Savannah Steiner                       Language Creator, VO Artist, Recording and Mix Engineer

No Way Out                           Stefano Giorgetti                                                                   Sound Mixer, Boom Operator

Sonar                                      Dale Stelly                                                   Sound Mixer, Boom Operator, Choreographer

37 Problems (Ep. Dr. Drimi)    Lisa Ebersol                                                                      Dialog Editor, Rerecording Mixer

37 Problems                            Lisa Ebersol                                                                           Sound Mixer, Boom Operator

Stand Tall Or Fall                   Will V. Moore                                                                       Sound Mixer, Boom Operator

Desert Daughters                    Raffaele Marraffa, HopSkipJump Prod.                                 Sound Mixer, Boom Operator

209”                                        Dawn Herb, Director, Palm Street Films                                 Sound Mixer, Boom Operator

The Swing                              Diane Densmore                                                                    Sound Mixer, Boom Operator

Dalalva Dinner Parties            TV Show Pilot by Kevin Muldoon                                      AD, Sound & Script Supervisor

Hollywood Intl. Productions   Max Radio Show                                  Translation in 6 languages & Self-recording of V.O.

The Pitch                                Short by Brandy Miller                                                                               BG & FX Editor

Jackelope                                Short by Molly Instad,                                                                                BG & FX Editor

Homeric Pictures                     Reels by Konstantinos Mousoulis                                          Sound Mixer, Boom Operator

Maxx the Sock Monkey          Intl. Commercial engineered by Carl Graves                                  Translator & Voice Over

SoCal EDISON Winter Tips    Commercial by Michael Lozano, The Republic Vision                          Production Manager                         Commercial by Michael Lozano, The Republic Vision                          Production Manager

Music Production

Project                                                                Event                                                                                         Position

Houston Save Your Children                     Reggie Calloway                        Assist. Engineer, Singer, Dir. Children’s Choir

A Musical Album                            Engineered by Brian Warwick                                              Assistant Sound Engineer

Fabrizio Grecchi                                           Ebony Jump                                                                    Mastering Engineer

Challenge                                                    Promo Demo                                 Recording, Mixing, Mastering & Engineer

Hollywood International Productions             Max Radio                       Jingle translator (7 languages), Singer, Voice Over

Lehn Kessen Music                                    Talent “Sophia”                                                                 Recording Engineer

Handsome Brown                                     First EP (untitled)                                                                Recording Engineer

Superstar Bona                                             The Building                                                                   Mastering Engineer

Venus Leone                                     eYe.Prophecy / eYe.Passion                                                         Producer, Publisher

The Los Angeles Film & Recording School, Los Angeles, CA, USA

​2011 - 2013


A.S. in The Recording Arts, valedictorian and first president of The Honor Society Of The Entertainment Arts.



WML - Wirtschaftsmittelschule Luzern, Switzerland

​1998 - 2001

Business & Economics

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