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Riding on clouds
Stronger than bears
Can't fall where there is no ground
In a world full of fears 
You have to stay boss
You have to be fierce 
I never thought
That I could be tough and run out of tears
You never know who you are
Until you come up with who you could be
Just don't live a lie
And you'll always have me - #venusleone 
Mission Statement

Stimulated by the evolution of equal rights between genders and race, I am unconditionally committed to create genuine truth through sound and the arts with the intention of spreading love and inner peace. In the faith that wisdom is power to find freedom, I am programmed to question and find real answers, so that I can bring instructive support to the world. I aspire to enlighten the young as well as the frightened, to encourage them, help them to grow their ambitions and pave their own individual path.

Venus Leone
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