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Latest News

THE NEW ALBUM eYe.Passion is finally OUT

Los Angeles CA,  May 1, 2018

The long wait is finally over. The brand new second studio album eYe.Passion by Venus Leone is out and it is not only hot, but also fully produced by Venus Leone with all kind of collaborations and beats by the most talented American artists around. If you remember, the first album eYe.Prophecy was a compilation of different productions in collaboration with producers around the world. Venus had not graduated with honors in sound engineering from the Los Angeles Recording School yet. Now go download and/or stream the hottest indie album of the year available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, CDBaby and YouTube

GOOD LOVIN Music Video

Los Angeles CA,  November 16 2017

This is not just a new music video. Good Lovin' is the first song ever self produced. 

The beat was sent to me by Stefan Green, a guy from Virginia, who found me on Linkedin and we never met. The video was created with behind the scenes footage of a photoshoot on green screen at Mel's Studios in North Hollywood, CA. Most of the art in the background is my own (besides the flowers) and the movie clips are from Dean's shorts collection, he directed. 

Successful 1st Venus Leone Art Exhibit 

Los Angeles CA,  November 11 2017

Saturday 11/11/2017 was a day of firsts. The NoHo Art Walk celebrated its first year by moving from Thursdays to Saturdays and on its first Saturday, Venus had her first visual arts exhibit ever since highschool. Here is a little video of her featured booth at the NoHo Plaza, in North Hollywood, CA.

Calling Out For Love

Los Angeles CA,  October 2nd 2017

 It all started with wanting to post Calling Out For Love on IG and YouTube to send a message of Love. While we were having the La Tuna fire, I joined Reggie Calloway 's Houston song project to help funding school supplies after Hurricane Harvey, but then there were Irma, Katia, José and Maria, the Mexico earthquake, North Korea and NFL vs Trump, Las Vegas shooting and there is still a war in Syria (my friend's parents have only 4-5 hrs of electricity every day n desert heat in the summer...), and neighboring countries, as well as the same old same issues of famine, civil wars and further destructions. To get my heavy heart distracted, I ended up creating a video with stuff on my phone. It's all pics and videos I already posted and the song is NOT for sale and only available for streaming on SoundCloud, BUT, if there is any monetization of the song, it will go into charity funding. 

First Grammy Considered Single

Los Angeles CA,  January 2017

eYe released a rap called JUST SAYING to promote the new DIY indie artist life of Venus Leone. The creator of the beat, Christian Shorter, brother and producer of the artist Hope, doesn't even understand the role he plays in my life, so eYe had to release this one first with a homemade on an iPhone 5c iMovie app created Snapchat collage music video. And guess what? Itäs also my first Grammy considered track.