Venus Who?


Certified linguist fluent in 7 languages, Degrees in Sound Engineering as well as Economy and Commerce, Songwriter and Music Producer,  Voice and Voice Over Artist, Classically trained BGirl, Actor and Model.


Venus Leone was born in Rimini, Italy daughter of a black Brazilian wonder-woman and an Italian abacist. She started dancing classical ballet at four years of age and like most left-handed people, became passionate with everything that had to do with the Arts. Moving to Switzerland with her family when she was eight years old, Venus studied and became fluent in German, French, English and Swiss-German besides Italian being her native language and Portuguese being her mother's. Venus' original dream was to become a Ballerina but besides being told that she was too "exotic" looking (hint: mom is black) by a talent scout, she also tore her ACL right after a theatrical performance of "The Sleeping Beauty" and had to stop dancing for 2 years. So with some parental pressure she went on to study economy and commerce.

At 16 Venus stepped foot into a recording studio for the first time to record a cover of "Back to Life" for the HipHop Group LU Squad. After college and finding a job in a Business Center, Venus founded her own dance crew called "The Groove Scientists" but soon caught the attention of the leader of the "Vanity Dancers", an only female dance crew with HQ in Zurich, and toured together with the dj crew Homeboyz At Work (still existing today) around Europe as dancer and emcee. Later she joined the pop/lock dance group "Colors". As a dancer, Venus performed for/with big names like JayZ, Dj Tony Touch aka Toni Toca, Memphis Bleek, The Electric Boogaloos and many more. On a trip to G Cookin' Recording Studios in Chur to record a song featuring a Swiss artist, Venus met the producer Lou Geniuz aka Lou Zarra, who later produced her EP "Evol" and featured Venus (at the time still under the artist name KellytheVenus) on his album, festivals and club performances around Switzerland. She became known as one of few in English rapping female emcees.


On January 6, 2004 Venus and her friend Josy decided to go visit and take classes at the Broadway Dance Center in New York after watching the movie Honey. It was a very sudden decision that changed both their lives. Venus booked the next trip to Los Angeles to take classes at Millenium Dance Complex and network. Today, Venus is a seasoned professional of the entertainment industry, who has been seen in music videos and shows with Snoop Dogg, Lil' Wayne, Mac 10, Rick Ross, Ray Jay, Kilo, Jameel Saleem and many more. While going to school to study sound engineering at the Los Angeles Film and Recording School, Most Wanted, the first movie in which Venus played the lead, premiered at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood a day after her birthday, making a dream come true. and is now an up and coming music producer and actress living in the mecca of the entertainment industry Los Angeles. After graduating as Valedictorian, Venus has dedicated most of her time in film sound and music production receiving IMDB credit for not only acting but also film sound. She is the owner and founder of Goddess Image Entertainment and Network, VKSwizz Productions, as well as growing her own publishing company. 

eYe breaths. eYe is alive. eYe is every day ready to die. eYe walks. eYe talks. eYe lives every second to not get lost. eYe loves. eYe cries. eYe fights every moment for that smile. Truth of a divine imperfection in a blink of an eYe, here is eYe